Interstellar. Cover art I created for a board game. Some 3D modeling design of the spacecraft which will be mold as playing pieces. The title is: Interstellar - road to Trappist
2357, due to space events and the new human technology of the solar extraction, we are consuming our sun. Now the sun is near to its end and soon it will start to begin a red giant star.
It will start to increase its dimensions destroying the closest planets as Mercury, Venus and probably also the Earth!
And even if the Earth it will not be eaten by the sun, the life on our planet will be destroy from the solar radiations and due the high temperatures.
As human race we have to build a giant interstellar space ship that could save part of the human race and move to a new Earth.
But to build this incredible spaceship we need materials that can be find on the other planets of the solar system.
Each player will guide its nation to do their best to build the space ship and save the humanity on time.